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HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT DANCE SHOES  7 THINGS TO CONSIDER You have taken a few ballroom dance lessons and are starting to get more serious about dancing. It's time to look into purchasing some dance shoes! A pair of quality dance shoes, with its special construction and materials, will help you

Latin Dance Steps

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Latin Dance Steps Learning Latin dance steps is a fun activity, leading to hours and hours of social fun. Whether you have a partner or not, Latin dancing is a great social activity. Latin Dancing Classes The best way and usually the most fun way to learn any type of dance is to sign up for

History of Latin Dance

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Latin dance has a long and complicated history, but the elements that come back again and again are self-expression and rhythm. While some Latin dances are almost wholly descended from one cultural sphere, the vast majority of Latin dances have three distinct influences: the native influence, the

How To Find The Perfect Dance Shoe

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If you need a new pair of dance shoes and want to find one on the internet, there are some great things for you to try. There are lots of websites designed for dance shoe buying and some are better than others. The trick is finding one that suits your style and is simple to use. When you locate the

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